Elevate your skills in music and dance with the Elevate Dance & Community Workshops!

Music Workshops


Sunday 5 May

Vocal Workshop | Songwriting Workshop
Performance Workshop | Showcase

Dance Workshops


Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 May

Waacking | Afrobeats | Hip Hop Choreography
Contemporary Choreography | Jazz Choreography

Dance Industry Panel Discussion | Dance Party & Jam

Express Yourself, Develop Your Skills, Grow in Confidence!

At Elevate Academy we provide young people aged 10-21 with a passion for dance and music the unique opportunity to elevate their skills and confidence under the guidance of professional industry mentors.
We offer young people the option to participate in one of two categories, Emerging and Elite artists.

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Elevate Music

Music Theory
Vocal Coaching
Performance Development
Song Writing
Guitar Workshops

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Elevate Dance

Dance Techniques
Mind & Body Basics

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Join Elevate Academy and be a part of a community that supports you to improve your skills and raise your confidence.

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Class of 2018

Our Class of 2018 celebrated their growth and achievements at their End of Year Showcase in December. In both the music and dance streams, they benefited from instruction in the skills of their craft, performance opportunities, organisational training and peer support over the year.

With guidance from industry mentors, Elevate Academy members learned to face the challenges and accept the rigours of their craft, growing their confidence enormously and lifting their skill levels. Learn more

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