Elevate Academy

Taking your creativity to the next level

The mission of Canberra’s new Elevate Academy is to provide high-level training, mentoring and leadership development of Canberra’s aspiring talent (aged 10-26 yrs) in dance and singing to further their creative education, knowledge and performance skills for the professional dance and music industries.

The Elevate Faculty

Featuring Australia’s best Dance & Music Stars

Members of the Academy will benefit from superior training and mentoring by our professional teachers who are both highly skilled in the arts industry and committed to supporting talented students to elevate their passion and talent to the next level.

Our faculty includes special guest member Timomatic, who will personally train and mentor members of the Academy in dance and music techniques plus share the skills that brought him success as a multi-platinum celebrity artist and a judge on Australia’s Got Talent TV show. The faculty’s professional experience in the dance and music industries provides the Elevate Academy’s talent a unique experience and a definite edge in a competitive industry.


Dance & Music production specialist
Multi-platinum recording artist


Jazz, Contemporary, Hip hop specialist
Brent Street Graduate

Xander Jean

Hip Hop, Funk, Tap specialist
X-Factor TV show performer

Amber Nichols

Vocal Specialist & Mentor
The Voice Finalist

Emma Laverty

Contemporary & Ballet specialist
Dance Mentor

Everlyn Dupri

Jazz Vocal, R&B, Soul, Blues specialist
Author of Beyond Your Voice

Francis Owusu

The Elevate Academy is headed by Principal Director and ACT Local Hero Francis Owusu. Francis is a passionate communicator with a proven record of empowering young people and supporting them to fulfill their potential. Francis is also credited with mentoring and developing some of Australia’s biggest dance and musical talent including Timomatic and Justice Crew.

Elevate Academy | Canberra

Perform at a professional industry level

Elevate Academy students learn:

  • Techniques and skills to perform at a professional industry level
  • To train and perform at professional artist standard
  • To present a professional audition package
  • To develop and market a personal brand
  • Music production skills
  • Practical tools to elevate their stage performance
  • To manage general health and well-being
  • Leadership skills and mastering goal setting
  • Exclusive dance and singing skills and development from practicing industry artists
  • Songwriting, music production and live performance
  • Dance and singing competition skills
  • Major showcase performance (with a show featuring representation from entertainment industry)
  • Performing at dance and music bootcamps
  • National and international tour experience
  • Developing industry networking
  • Personal & professional development

The scope of Elevate Academy

In 2017, the Elevate Academy has offered limited enrollment to 25 selected students. These students have had the option of enrolling in either a dance major, singing major or a combined song & dance major.

Throughout the year these students will benefit from intensive performing arts training and access to development opportunities plus mentoring from exceptional industry experts.

What’s involved in the program?

Our students are required to:

  • Attend the minimum prescribed classes (3 for Juniors and 4 for Seniors) per week as scheduled throughout the Elevate program
  • Actively participate in scheduled boot camps throughout the year
  • Attend all scheduled performance events
  • Participate in scheduled tour opportunities
  • Lend themselves to marketing, promotion and sponsorship activities
  • Be respectful, courteous and upstanding members of the community