Our mission is to enhance the skills, confidence and well-being of Canberra’s young people through dance and music training and mentoring

Applications now accepted for the Elevate Academy 2019 program

What we are looking for?

At Elevate Academy we provide young people aged between 10 -21 years with a passion for dance and music the unique opportunity to elevate their skills and confidence under the guidance of professional industry mentors. We offer young people the option to participate in one of two categories, Emerging and Elite artists.

Emerging & Elite Artists

Emerging Artist category is designed for young people who have a passion for dance and music, but have had limited experience or opportunities in their chosen craft.
Elite Artists category is designed for young people who have already acquired experience and skills in their chosen craft and are ready to elevate to the next level.


Stage 1

Complete the Initial Application Form below.

Include a link to a video that will indicate your experience in either dance, music or both. This will be shared with the Elevate Academy panel.

For dancers | a 30-60 second performance
For singers | a 60-90 second performance

Deadline for the Initial Application Form is Friday 15 February.

Stage 2

The EA staff will contact you to advise if you are eligible for the program. A face-to-face interview will be conducted on 20 & 21 February.
You will be required to complete the Full Application Form, and pay the deposit by 22 February.

When do classes begin?

The first compulsory attendance for Dance Students will be on Wednesday 27 February | The first compulsory attendance for Music Students will be on Thursday 28 February.

Where will classes be held?

Class for both the Dance and Music programs will be conducted at the Kulture Break studios, 115 Grattan Court, Wanniassa.

Should you have trouble committing to these deadlines, please get in touch with us at admin@elevateacademy.com.au or 6296 3265

Investment Costs

Single Dance/Music Major
$3,200    (upfront payment)

$3,400    (payment plan through Ezidebit – $85 a week for 40 weeks)

Double Major (Singing & Dancing)
$5,000 (upfront payment)

$5,200 (payment plan through Ezidebit – $130 a week for 40 weeks)

Families enrolling 2 children in Single Majors
$5,000 (upfront payment)

$5,200 (payment plan through Ezidebit – $130 a week for 40 weeks)

Upon successful selection and invitation into the Elevate Academy, a deposit of $300 must be paid accompanied with the Full Application Form by the first training session in the week commencing 25 February.  

The remaining tuition fees must be either paid upfront or agreed within a direct debit payment plan.

Commencement of fee payments | Week of 25 February
Final fee payments due | 15 December (one day before the End of Year Showcase)

McDonalds ACT contribution

Elevate Academy is honoured to have our major partner, McDonalds ACT, contribute to this program as part of their aim to support education pathways and skilling initiatives for young people.

Their contribution enables us to reduce the cost of fees for Elevate Academy members, providing more young people with access to the program.

2018 Elevate Academy Initial Application Form

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