Music Program


Elevate Academy’s 2019 Music Program will cover a number of different curriculum modules, to enhance and widen our music students’ skills.


Music Theory
Focuses are on rhythmic development, Aural identification, Interval recognition, Learning Piano, Basic Scale Harmony and Song Analysis, and an introduction to Notation Fundamentals.

Performance Development
Vocal Development, including use of the Solfege, interval, triad and pentatonic singing and recognition. Repertoire performance, focusing on incorporating various styles, genres and technology. Live sound setup, pack down and mixing, focusing on the skills required to setup and mix your own performance.


Music Theory
Rhythmic development on common time and compound time, Aural identification of intervals, chord progressions and chord types, Advanced application of major and minor scale harmony including seventh chords, expansion of notation fundamentals.

Performance Development
Vocal Development, including analysis and application of pentatonic scales, Diminished and Augmented Triads, Natural Minor scales and Common Chord Progressions. Repertoire performance of five contrasting pieces, including one solo piano piece. Expansion of Live Sound mixing and setup.

Student Outcomes

  • SKILLS – singing and guitar tuition skills to fast-track your development to become a more accomplished performer
  • SONGWRITING DEVELOPMENT – learn how to write and record original material
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – increased well-being, confidence, and self-esteem
  • MENTORING – exclusive mentoring opportunities from some of the best professional industry artists
  • PERFORMANCE EVALUATION – continual coaching and mentoring to develop stagecraft and vocal technique during performances
  • 1 YEAR ALL-ACCESS PASS – unlimited access pass to attend Elevate Academy music classes (excludes music production)
  • 2 DAY VIP BOOTCAMP PASS – attend workshops with local, interstate and international coaches
  • LIVE PERFORMANCES – opportunity to share your passion live onstage in a professional setting to large audiences
  • PERSONAL PORTFOLIO – personal work portfolio featuring professional photoshoot, original album recording that will be available online and a personal story video
  • NETWORKING – opportunities to build your network in the entertainment and business industries
  • MERCHANDISE – exclusive Elevate Academy merchandise pack including t-shirt and drink bottle

Elevate Academy albums

Every year, the Elevate Academy Music program produces an album of original songs by some of its students.

Please click the images below to access the albums from 2017 and 2018.

2017 Album

2018 Album ‘Believe’

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