James’ Story: “It helped elevate my dream!”

By January 30, 2019 Uncategorized

James Ewens has danced with Kulture Break since he was 5 years old, and by age 13 was a popular and skilled hip hop coach. But he knew that to reach the next level, he had to invest in himself and immerse in a performing arts program that would challenge, motivate and upskill him further as a dancer.

James was one of the first students to enrol when Elevate Academy was launched in 2017. Working with other highly-skilled performers and learning through guidance from coaches and industry mentors grew his capacity and knowledge. It also reinforced his desire to pursue a full-time dance career and motivated him to change styles.

For the last two years, James has received a full-time education in ballet from the A&L Danse in Bowral, though he comes back to teach hip hop on Saturdays with Kulture Break and is still involved with Elevate Academy.

He looks back at his education with Elevate Academy positively.

I gained the knowledge, skills and confidence from the best mentors in the industry to pursue a full-time dance career. Elevate Academy is definitely worth it!”

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